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2 Thousand Eleventh Hour New Years Mix + more music than your computer can handle

Wedged between the disappointment of 2 thousand intense and the impending doom of 2012, this is the year of urgency, bucket lists and lots of drinking. So in light of this, I've made a playlist of everything I've been listening to this winter for you, but on top of that I've re-uploaded the links to every bundle of music I've ever sent out, and a few that I made but never sent out online, all the way back to spring break 2 thousand and great. Some of them are links to the old websites where you can download them, others are direct download links that you just have to right click and save as, I've labeled them. And this will obviously take a couple of sittings to download completely, but who complains about waiting for free shit? So whether your hard drive or computer has crashed and lost everything, or this is the first time I've ever sent you one of these and you need to catch up, here it is, all the music you need before climate change, asteroids and lord Xenu tear us to shreds. Happy holidays, and more importantly- dance your ass off on new years eve for me

2 Thousand Eleventh Hour New Years Dance Mix

2 Thousand Eleventh Hour New Years Hang Out Mix

(direct link: right click and save as) Spring Break 2 Thousand and Great
(direct link: right click and save as) Summer '08
(website) Finals Week Cage Fight Jingles Fall '08 Mix
(website) Valentines Day Bloody Bear Hug '09 Mix
(website) Black Ice Rock Me Obamadeus Winter '09 Mix
(website) Fast & Furious 4 For You Glen Coco Sprio-Graduation-Graph You Go Glen Coco Spring '09 Mix
(website) Hey Baby, It's a Florida Executive Kind of Summer '09 Mix
(website) Miley Killed My Dignity Fall '09 Mix
(blog post) JTT Loves You, No Matter What. Anti-Valentine's Day '10 Mix
(blog post) Thanks For Being a Friend You Bed Hopping Relic Fall '10 Mix


Thanks For Being a Friend You Bed Hopping Relic Fall '10 Mix

**UPDATE** some people have said the zip files won't unzip, but I downloaded them and they did, soooo, if the first links work, cool, but if they don't, try the alternate links under them.

So, here it is. Some of these are old as hell because I haven't sent music out in months, but I'm sure you won't care. I sprinkled some 90s jams in there as usual, I also have a 90s mix I've been working on for a couple of years now, But I don't know how to send it out cause it's like 600 songs deep, but I'm working on that. I divided this hoe into two categories: dance music, and hang out music. The name is a quote from the Golden Girls clip under it, but honestly the second clip is funnier. ps- I live in new york now come visit me. Stay golden.



Illustration for Bodytalk Zine


JTT Loves You, No Matter What. Anti-Valentine's Day '10 Mix

I've had several people tell me that I've never sent them music and that they didn't click the link I sent them because they didn't know what it was. So. To explain. What this is is just a collection of music that I've been listening to lately. This particular mix is more than double what I usually send out because I didn't make a winter mix and because music seems to be the only cure for Valentine's Day a.k.a. the worst holiday ever. Well, music and 90's heartthrobs. Because it's so huge I separated it into 3 different folders so it won't take as long to dowload, just click each link below to download the zip files. Happy Anti-Valentine's Day everyone.


4-up camera

An experiment with a 4-up camera that ended with only 3 shots developing from the roll.