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Thanks For Being a Friend You Bed Hopping Relic Fall '10 Mix

**UPDATE** some people have said the zip files won't unzip, but I downloaded them and they did, soooo, if the first links work, cool, but if they don't, try the alternate links under them.

So, here it is. Some of these are old as hell because I haven't sent music out in months, but I'm sure you won't care. I sprinkled some 90s jams in there as usual, I also have a 90s mix I've been working on for a couple of years now, But I don't know how to send it out cause it's like 600 songs deep, but I'm working on that. I divided this hoe into two categories: dance music, and hang out music. The name is a quote from the Golden Girls clip under it, but honestly the second clip is funnier. ps- I live in new york now come visit me. Stay golden.