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(Belated) Anti-Valentine's Day Music Bundle


Happy anti-valentine's day cuties. Ok so let me preface this by saying that this music bundle is way smaller than usual, which is lame, because music on valentine's day is so important, being that it's usually the worst holiday ever. But. I kind of botched up letting people know I made a new years mix which can be downloaded HERE, which was way too big, plus I re-uploaded all the mixes I've ever sent out, so I'm trying to calm it down. Plus, valentine's day was pretty great this year, and now I almost feel bad about the intensity of the blood spewing heart with teeth. The playlist has a few recent hits, but it also has some love song throwbacks, cheese, and personal favorites. So, sorry about the lateness, just bang and/or cry like you did on valentines day and pretend. And of course, a little bit of this:

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